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Chrkeller said:

KazumaKiryu said:

edit: if I were a developer, I would be very happy about prizes/Game of the Year Awards *-* Or you do not care about that? @Chrkelleroh yes, 

Prizes are cute, but don't ultimately matter.  I am not a software developer, but I am a product developer.  What matters is sales, market share, operating margins, etc.  I would guess most developers don't care how many awards they win.  If their game tanks that is a problem.  Spider-man sold extremely well.  I am guessing the developers are pleased as punch.  More to the point, no I would not space out game releases intentionally to win awards that don't pay salaries and bonuses.  

There’s a difference between making products and making art. If you don’t know the distinction then idk what to say.