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Mbolibombo said:
DarthMetalliCube said:

Yeah.. I guess just looking at my amazon wishlist recently and realizing litterally every one of the like 12 games on there are ports/remasters heh - minus Astral Chain, which does look awesome. It's still largely a port machine (which is actually fine by me as I really value the handheld functionality with these games), but yeah Switch is starting to get more brand new stuff finally.

Out of curiosity, what are these ports/remasters you have on your wishlist? AAA third party ports? Because then yes, the most AAA third party games on the system are definately past gen ports, then again there's hardly any AAA support from third parties so it's not really a big thing :P But if we're looking at first party games it's not really true.

When 2019 is over, and we are looking at the first party published output there's 33 games that's brand new non ports on the system and only 9 ports/remasters.

Oh off the top of my head - Hyrule Warriors, FFX, FFXII, Genesis Classics, YS VIII, Wolfenstein II, Skyrim, Minecraft.. Most is at least stuff that I missed out on in the first place or at least games I'd like to experience on handheld, but at the same time I'd like to see more brand new ips on Switch. 

Didn't know there was that many coming next year though. Good to see the majority of titles in 2020 will be brand new. I feel like we've rarely seen the Switch hardware be full taken advantage of with most games, and that's something I'd like to see. Even BotW was technically a Wii U spruced up a bit for Switch. But I guess I just gotta go and get Astral Chain!


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