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I remember those days too. I found this site when the Wii got released. Your experience is the same as mine :D.
At the time, I probably used my Wii browser for this site more than any other site. It was a basic site with just a homepage displaying the overall sales of each console. I can't remember seeing a login button back in 2007 but as your account was created in 3/3/07, it means there was a way of creating an account in 2007 XD.
Congrats btw, you've been a member for 12 years :D. The time has went fast yet a lot in the world has changed.

I agree with your point. It's a great idea to utilise the data on this site for those examples that you mentioned. The articles do similar stuff every now-n-then but I think there should be more articles that utilise data for more types of articles too and maybe have a part of the site that has it categorised all 'data-comparisons' in one place (similar to articles/sales). Its a good idea, I bet there are thousands of ways to utilise the data on this site. With your experience on this site over the years I bet you have a lot more great ideas. If you have enough free time, become a mod cos you'll have fun with ideas for data-comparison articles :D.

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