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think-man said:
Chrkeller said:

Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Resident Evil 2, Sekiro..  maybe a few others that I cannot recall.  RE2 is my runner-up, just amazing game.  I hated Sekiro and is my most disappointing game of the year, maybe all time.  

The thing with Astral (at least for me) is every chapter gets better and better, with the last chapter being amazing.  So the game just builds an epic feeling.  

Of that whole list I've only played Sekiro, but I'd put Sekiro in my top 10 games of the year xD I think this year off the top of my head I've played roughly 40-50 games.  I haven't played alot of Astral Chain, not sure if i will continue as i didn't enjoy what i played. I think my favorite games I've played this year are Hollow Knight(I know some are older) , Apex Legends, Kingdom Hearts 3, Astro Bot, Xenoblade chronicles 2 off the top of my head. 

I did play some KH3, didn't do much for me.  Sekiro was too punishing.  Souls is my second favorite franchise.  But to me Sekiro had little to no character customization, and the fights felt like memorization more than a battle.  I typically only play 5-8 new games a year.  Astral starts off slow, but really is great in the back half.  The first half of Astral was a 7/10, the second half 11/10.  Plus it has a steep learning curve, I discovered late (ish) in the game that I could do a lot more than I had originally realized.  Meaning some of the aspects are not well explained.