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Ganoncrotch said:
Vodacixi said:

But if you look at the picture, it looks like they are saying that you're getting points for Link's Awakening. Maybe in this particular deal, you ACTUALLY get coins if Link's Awakening is one of the redeemed games. Although it's not the case, the advert seems to suggest that much.

Even without knowing a word of this language, if I look at that it looks like it's saying "points with purchase x2" like I said, knowing the language of math I can tell you that 0 points x 2 = 0 points, that is not false advertising.

False advertising, by definition, is the use of false or misleading information, and I think that's misleading to say the least. Although I doubt Nintendo would intentionally mislead in such a petty way, I think it's more than likely a mistake, or perhaps there is a better understanding of this than simply 2 x 0 = 0, because why would Nintendo advertise getting double gold coins when you get zero; that doesn't make sense. I think you came up with this loophole in your mind and now you have yourself convinced, but I think you should rethink your stance on this.