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So, I was reading the Switch news... and I saw this image advertising the Nintendo Switch Vouchers:

Yeah, I know it's in spanish... but I think you get the idea. As it is, this picture seems to suggest that when using the vouchers and one of the games is Link's Awakening, you'll get double gold coins for it. Which is not true, because you get zero coins when redeeming a voucher. You get coins when you PURCHASE the vouchers, but you get 495 coins for your 99 dolar/euro purchase. That's the standar for any eShop purchase.

So... should they change the Link's Awakening picture for this particular advertisement? Because I'm not sure if it was done on purpouse... or if they just put the current eShop picture for Link's Awakening that coincidentially has the 2x Gold Coins banner slapped on it without really thinking about it. But whathever it was, it can lead to misunderstandings.