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V-r0cK said:
TL;DR the video and ignore Jumpin :P

Triple Triad is one of the best card games ever! I even play the mobile game via FF Portal, but been lacking support these days.

Haha, the strategy is not a new one, but the addition of the 3X speed does make it WAY easier than it was before. I was actually able to get my 20 Elnoyle cards while binging a show on Netflix =P

I am considering going for the 50 Red Dragons. 10 Ruby Dragon Cards = 1 Red Fang = 20 Flares. 1 Flare = +0.56 raw strength. So with Lionheart equipped and 100 Flare, that’s a raw 86 addition to strength. With a couple of buff abilities equipped you can hit the 255 cap.

As a note, if you REALLY want to get hardcore, you can craft items to erase GF abilities and craft scrolls to replace them, basically customizing all your GFs into whatever you want them to be... That’s for the truly hardcore FF8 players.


The video this guy puts up is fairly good, but misses some of the details that make the process easier and most efficient. It doesn’t fall into some of the “superstitions” that past guides on Gamefaqs have had.

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