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I hear you. I have OCD as well but I don't do anything about it. it's not in my personality to see doctors or take medication. Quite honestly I don't believe in it all. And to be clear I'm not saying you shouldn't either, I just mean from my point of view.

For instance I may end up washing my hands literally 10 times in a row, it's really hard to explain to people without OCD but it's as if you wash your hands and when you are done, in your head it's like you did not really wash them so you have to wash them again. Having no social constraints I have no real reason to not give in to my OCD.

I don't see a practical way to deal with it (other than to give in to it). Out of curiosity I have tried fighting it, like washing my hands 1 time then forcing myself out of the bathroom and I simply can't. While my logic tells me my hands are clean, no reason to wash them again at that point, I really feel like they are dirty and despite knowing full well they are absolutely clean (cause that first wash was frantic) I can't help but wash them again and again and again...

Sometimes I can get away with two or three washings, other times, I say 10 washings but to be honest I've had worse times when 10 times doesn't come close to the real number.

I know that OCD comes in different flavors and styles but if I could venture some advice I would say, when the OCD is hitting hard, try to relax and breathe deeply. I think that can help, maybe not completely eradicate the OCD attack, but make it less strong.