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Gotta be a 9/10 for me.  This and Fire Emblem are my two top picks for GotY right now, and seeing as how they are two totally different experiences it is hard to pick one over the other.  Loved every second of both!

If I had to nit pick something about AsCh though...the silent protagonist does not fit the game IMO.  I mean both twins had voice actors, just whichever one you chose was silent.  It did not make sense to me, and it felt off from a narrative perspective.

Of course Fire Emblem had a similar deal, but Byleth still felt real.  The interactions you have with your students puts you in the driver seat and it complements the role play.  In AsCh however, both twins felt like a character and there was really no room for roleplay.  In this case, the Silent Protagonist didn't do it for me.  It just felt like wasted potential in that regard.

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