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Vodacixi said:
Mar1217 said:

I think you'll need more than 2 hours to master a complex battle system. I mean, you said it, it's not Bayonetta, which signifies new patterns to learn !

I don't think is about the pattern... but the window in which the dodge is effective. It seems to be much smaller than in other Platinum games

This is because you unlock abilities for dodge later on that make it very powerful you're doing what we all did and tried playing things like an action title due to PG being the developer which is a bad idea at the start when you don't have any abilities, the base dodge is not meant to be an escape option in this game it's more of a positional and set up mechanic later you unlock a counter ability which through the duration of the counter you're invincible the result is the dodge can't be like how you see it in action games as the player would be impossible to kill if it was spammed the game makes it that the player has to perfect dodge to make use of the mechanic and its abilities to encourage players to get better and not spam.