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Chrkeller said:
Dodging is hard because the camera is a bit weak. At times I find myself not knowing who is even hitting me.

Use sync attacks, dodges by themselves aren't good as they're not intended to be an escape mechanic like they are in action titles it's better to perfect dodge then activate a sync attack as those have much larger iframe windows which will stop other enemies hitting you while you counter the attack you dodged.

On the topic AsCh is one of the most unique arpgs released as well as one of the best, contrary to what some who've yet to play it may think it's not an action title as if you approach the game in an action title manner you'll get destroyed as the are many high level Bayo and DMC players who got ripped apart until they figured out how to approach the game combat requires some thought in what you're doing, for a start the's no jump button. Best way to describe the gameplay is that it's like a much more high octane Bloodborne combined with Nier Automata with elements here and there from other PG titles, the game really begins in Chapter 3. A lot of people also don't realize they can augment combat with the gene codes you pick up as they have abilities they can grant you in combat, the reason battles get better is because like all other rpgs you unlock more options with character growth and equipment and the same rings true here for example you can equip a parry ability on a Legion with some gene codes and upgrading your weapon unlocks new melee moves.

As with PG games the is quite a bit of depth and tech to play around with one particular trick is dubbed US (unsummon) Cancel as you can unsummon the legion at almost any point and it lets you act again allowing you to string moves and combos together that you normally wouldn't be able to.