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sethnintendo said:

Shouldn't you start with films such as Birth of Nation which was like a KKK promotional movie? I never understood why it got so much praise. Looks as bad as Citizen Kane but some people love that film for some reason. It nearly put me to sleep in film class I took in college awhile back.

I don't think we should be banning anything.  Just don't watch it if you don't like it.  I don't like super hero movies anymore except maybe Deadpool but I don't think they should be banned.  I just avoid them.

It’s easy to look at something made in the past with our present eyes and understand the importance of something. Birth of a Nation isn’t praised for the it’s content, but because it’s one of the movies who pioneered the use of the montage for narrative. 

Citizen Kane is a great movie, and if it’s not considered as so by today’s standards it’s mainly because from the mid 60’s to present days, films in general have been made in the same narrative pattern that this movie introduced in the early 40s, which was a revolution in comparison to the by the book standard of Hollywood productions.

On topic: past arts, texts or views should not be altered to fit today’s standards because we’re not living in the same context and realities. If some people wants to move “progressive ideas”, they should look in front of them and not rewrite what was done to fit their views.