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thismeintiel said:

Crowbcat is always a good watch. Also, didn't MS promise all 1st party games would be native 4K when the Scorpio came out? What happened to that?

Where did MS promise a native 4k on all titles? Can you link this info or is this another one of your famous none Xbox gamer posts?

Also Gears 5 is 4k just scaleable @ 60 frames.. for the graphics its pushing running at a almost flawless 60 makes this title one of the best technically made game this gen.

If you would know better, the X can render 4k without a problem, difference here is The Coalition opted for 60 frames instead of a native 4k. If they chose 30 frames you can bet your ass it will be running native 4k. Its honestly not that hard to understand.

And who the f is Crowbcat? Not suprised that video was nitpicked.