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Joe Schiaffi said:
I run a shop, here in Italy, and I've just checked: all my italian distributors had only preorders open for PS4, XONE and PC, no Switch version on track. Very weird. From my experience as retailer, I can say that in this case the best scenario is that the game is delayed (much delayed, since that WRC 8 that comes on Switch 2 months late, is however in preorder) but no one here has a product page for the Switch version of Doom Eternal, sadly :(

Assuming this guy is for real (and I see no reason to doubt him), this pretty much settles it - there will be a delay.  

My guess is that the publisher is either a) not announcing a delay in order to keep pressure on the developers to deliver the game ASAP, b) still holding out hope that it will be ready on time, but not taking people's money for preorders so they don't have to hear a bunch of shit when it is inevitably late (Bethesda can't afford that bad PR right now), or c) unsure of when the game will be ready, and would prefer to delay to a specific date, rather than just say "it's gonna be late" in hopes of minimizing the disappointment that comes from the delay.