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Al Gore doesn't get credited with creating it, preventing Clinton from winning the 1996 election, making Bob Dole President. Bob stays on until 2004, when George W Bush runs and wins because the country doesn't want to switch parties right after 9/11 when the war on terror had just begun. Instead, Bush takes over as the housing market bursts (in his 3rd of first term). Everyone blames Bush and votes for a President who will spend lots of taxpayer money to restart the economy and so Obama is elected in 2008. With the economy doing better, but the middle class doing worse in his questions to screw the rich to benefit the poor and neglect the middle class, he loses one or two rust belt states to a midwest Republican ticket of Mike Huckabee and Mike Pence. Those two stay on and get re-rlected in 2016 after beating democratic nominee Donald J. Trump.