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curl-6 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

That is really in need of some optimization though, there are around what... 80m base PS4's out there, this game should never have passed QA to get released in that state, they should have gone down the dynamic resolution path that a lot of 3rd parties utilize on the Switch, 1080/30 when in quiet scenes and then drop to 900/30 or 720/30 when shit gets busy, 1080/10 should never really happen if any other option is available imo.

Yeah I can't see how their QA guys looked at this and said "yeah this is good enough, ship it". Especially when far more people own the base systems than the enhanced ones.

19:10 in that video on the base PS4 version of it :( that has to be patched.

Compare what that looks like to Detroit on the same hardware

That version of Control works so poorly at points there that if you bought a PS4 and that was the first game you got you would seriously question the abilities of the console to deliver that level of graphics, which is a real shame from Remedy.

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