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"Switch version of Witcher 3 looks terrible with muddy textures"

Plays control at single digit frame rate

That is really in need of some optimization though, there are around what... 80m base PS4's out there, this game should never have passed QA to get released in that state, they should have gone down the dynamic resolution path that a lot of 3rd parties utilize on the Switch, 1080/30 when in quiet scenes and then drop to 900/30 or 720/30 when shit gets busy, 1080/10 should never really happen if any other option is available imo.

Dear lord watching the video the motion blur in those fight scenes on the base ps4 makes that look like the console is not working properly, that's an appalling way to release a game, genuinely makes the console look like it's far worse than it is, compare the way this runs to the likes of Detroit or Uncharted 4 and the extra particles and lighting that has gone into Control to do this damage to performance is absolutely not worth this. Leave these effects til next gen or you have a game engine which can support them without making the game unplayable.

Last edited by Ganoncrotch - on 03 September 2019

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