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Ganoncrotch said:
curl-6 said:

Also, while it's not an exclusive, Zelda Breath of the Wild is unmissable, unless you already have it on Wii U like me haha.

Regarding the whole "do you need a Pro controller" thing, I personally found I got on perfectly fine with the Joycons. I've had a Switch for nearly two years now and I've never once felt the need to buy a Pro controller. 

the awesome thing with the Switch is you can use almost any controller with it if you take a look on Amazon for some adapters, you got the GC adapter, those Xbox/ps3 adaptors as well as the awesome selection of various types of pro controller that Nintendo licensed out from the likes of Hori.

Even in terms of Joycon, this guy has been on the left side of my Switch since the day I got it, it's amazing from Hori (completely no wireless or motion control in this btw) but it's a left joycon with a traditional D-Pad, I have heard some reports recently that it does drain the battery slightly faster than the original Joycon I guess it's possible because this unit doesn't have its own battery in there, it just feeds directly off the Switches power while your playing.

Hori are also releasing a pair of "pro" Joycons at the end of this month which look really nice albeit less portable

It's pretty much a case with the Switch if you think "can I use that controller with the console?" chance are you can.

It is cool that there are so many options, but I guess I'm a simple man; the Joycons that came with my Switch have served me well enough so far that I haven't felt any need to seek an alternative.

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