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Barkley said:

No need to get a Pro Controller, I mostly just use detached joycons (hate the grip).

If you do want a Pro Controller experience then get an 8BitDo adapter for less than half the price. It'll allow you to use pretty much any controller on the Switch and you probably already own one.

You can use PS3/PS4/XBO/Wii U Pro controllers on the Switch with it and they work exactly as a pro controller would. I'm not sure about the others but the PS4 controller even supports motion controls with it. Though be warned I don't recommend using multiple of these adapters for splitscreen on the Switch at the same time, they seem to interfere with each other. But it's much cheaper and more versatile then just buying a Switch Pro Controller. If you ever game on PC you can use it on that too.

I picked up a really cheap version of this from Amazon a good while ago, taking a check now they've an updated one that works both on wired and bluetooth controllers

12sterling for the ability to use almost any controller on Switch is fantastic from PC/ps3/4/xbox360 these work really nicely for the cost.

I will add... I do also have a pro controller and use it almost always while playing docked! Either that or the wireless GC pad that I got for the Switch or else using my Hori Snes GC pads with the GC controller adapter, that thing is great for 2d platformers like Celeste and such.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?