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bowserthedog said:
I've been losing weight off and on over the past 2 or 3 years. I had become obese at 510 pounds. I have lost 160 pounds and am currently weighing 350 pounds. I tried different diets. First was the Keto diet but for me it was far to riggid and I would end up bindge eating at the first hint of failure. 3 months ago a discovered through pain and inflamation (and xrays) that I have oseto arthritis in my knees. The best way to deal with that problem is massively reducing my weight. I had recently been doing some research on what causes the struggles i was having with bindge eating and had been moving towards striat up calorie counting as my weight loss method. The arithritus was the kick in the ass i needed to really focus on the weight loss. Well.. 90 days and 50 pounds later and im still counting calories and zero bindge eating. I treat myself to things i like every day and just add up everything i eat into the my fitness pal app on my iphone. Im on quite a roll and hope to be down close to 300 by years end. And my long term goal is to get under 200 pounds.

Damn sounds like you are making major progress.  I blew out my knee awhile back and never went to doctor but it eventually healed.  I noticed major difference in way knee felt once I lost like 70 lbs to get to my normal weight.  Well three years later after drinking tons put some of the weight on but now I'm only about 25 lbs from my goal.  I'm sure your knees are already thanking you. 

Never had too much problem binge eating except maybe when smoke weed and get munchies.  Beer was my major problem but going on 15 days not a single drop.