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Anyone here want to be involved with game tournaments and league play using Game Pass content? I would like to have speed runs, etc... using games in the subscription service. I am just curious about the interest in this. I will look to put a thread up on this once I hit the reply threshold. I was looking at this and maybe Antstream.

One idea I have is that a game of choice is picked by the community competing. Winner of that challenge for the game picks the next game and parameters, and keeps doing this until they lose. The catch is they need to pick a different game each time they play. Focus is on games you can play offline. I ran such a tournament using Microsoft Game Room years ago. I also did tournaments using Pinball FX2. I found, without such a common platform for games all players have access to, it is hard to have people compete. I am looking to use a leaderboard for competition, rather than brackets. But, players involved get to decide on what they want to do.

Feel free to send me a note and add me if you are interested.