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JRPGfan said:
Looks almost like it could run on a 3ds.... without to many compromises to graphics.
I know thats not a major factor in a platformer, but shouldnt they aim higher?

Like for its time Donkey Kong Country games looked outstanding, and still do.
Ori and the blind forest is simularly visually a treat.

This was made for the Switch right? like they should up their ambitions abit.

You're expecting a bit much from WayForward and the comparisons you're using are not really fair to them or Shantae.

Donkey Kong Country is a 1st party Nintendo franchise, (A Tier back in the SNES era).

Ori was a joint project between Moon Studios and Microsoft serving as publisher.

WayForward develops and publishes Shantae all on their own.

Being a small developer like they are and relying on only themselves is a tough gig. Half Genie Hero was funded via Kickstarter, which was a considerable leap in graphics from Pirate's Curse. Their resources are limited. Less than what Moon Studios has with Microsoft supporting them and far less than Nintendo. They can't really afford to put any system to the test and be too ambitious. Seven Sirens looks to be an upscaled/polished Half Genie Hero which works perfectly for them because they already have the assets and engine built from that game, so half the work is done and they can make a lot more money off of it and use it to grow. Then who knows, if that keeps it and with enough time, we may start seeing WayForward up their ante and get more ambitious.