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Chazore said:

Happy to see it announced, but insanely sceptical about it being crowd funded on Fig, but published by Gearbox.

Announced platforms aren't even there and I'm well aware it's going to take a few years, but I'm not about to drop in some coin, only to have Gearbox decide that it's going EGS by then.

That's my biggest concern is it being a EGS exclusive. I don't mind it being on both EGS and Steam however Steam would be a no brainer since all the Homeworld games (Aside from Cataclysm due to the lost source code) are on Steam and I also don't believe Homeworld is using the Unreal 4 engine which would help the odds of not being exclusive to Epic. I hope so anyway.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 31 August 2019