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Good morning, afternoon and Evening,

The trailer for Homeworld 3 has been released and basically confirms the game is on its way.. unfortunately there is no release date yet.

Homeworld 3 is published by Gearbox and is developed by BBI (Blackbird Interactive)

BBI's main headquarters is located in Vancouver Canada, they were founded by the original creators of the Homeworld series and went on to develop Homeworld Remastered Collection and Homeworld Deserts of Kharack. Unfortunately at the time when THQ went bankrupt, BBI and Gearbox went on a bidding war for the IP which was originally owned by THQ and BBI lost the bid however Gearbox allowed BBI to develop the future games anyway. Thank gawd for that since we would all rather the Homeworld games be made by the creators and not the guys who dished out Duke Nukem Forever and Alien Colony Marines.

Here is the trailer below, enjoy fellow Homeworld fans.