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EricHiggin said:


Any idea how far from the tower (distribution point) you are and how strong is the signal is?
How much does the speed vary? (peak time and weather)
Did your install require an exterior antenna or dish?
What's the highest speed offered?
What's the latency/ping like? (gaming)

A locally and federally funded internet program has led to the largest com co bringing Huawei 5G to certain rural areas with the worst service, and we're one of them luckily. The fiber line is being laid to the tower right now and is supposed to be hooked up and operational in a few months. The cell tower already exists and is about 100ft tall and is about 2.0km away. As far as I know they only offer one package of 25mbps down, 1.0mbps up, 350GB cap, $80 per month. Also requires a dish and install fee of some amount. Curious to know from people who have 5G what's its like in general.

I have simply a wi-fi router in my room and I live around 1km from the tower. When I tested the speed it was 25Mbps (3 MB/s) down and 9Mbps (1 MB/s) up, but as I said my game download was much much faster, at 13 MB/s. I was downloading Rocket League and with the old net it took half a day or more, now it took just a few minutes.

I played Rocket League and ping was good.

I pay 17 euro (19 usd) per month and I'm not sure if there is a cap, if there is it must be at least 200 GB I think.

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