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All in all, I'm just another brick in the wall. Sorry to disappoint you, this was what came to mind.

Oh yeah, I have a slight habit of inserting song lyrics or quotes into conversations, it secretly amuses me. One time I was on a date and a song called "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was playing in the background of the comedy club we were at. She didn't quite get it when I turned to her and said, "they say, we've got nothing in common". Although the rest of the night was fine, after a couple of months I think we'd both agree I nailed it with that line.

Bonus fact, on the night of our first date my hair was absolute shit, so instead of wasting time/money buying some hair gel, before I met her, I stopped by a small shop, bought a Creme Egg and used the gooey filling to fix my hair up. It worked surprisingly well and if she'd ever wanted to lick or suck my hair, well, it would have been super effective.