Ronster316 said:
think-man said:

5 hours lol, my save had 127 hours on it. 3 different endings, pvp and chalice dungeons all add alot of value. You would have to be a speed runner to beat it in 5 hours 🤣

Someone beat bloodbourne 34 minutes, fastest Nioh time i saw was 1 hour 30....... its all about content.

And somebody can beat Ocarina of Time in under 20 minutes.  But calling Ocarina a 20 minute game is silly at best. And it isn't all about content.  Game length is a worthless measure.  I'd rather play a super 10 hour game (Last of Us) over a 100 hour bore fest (RDR2 - personal opinion).  

If you don't like Bloodborne, fair enough, different opinions and all that.  I personally don't like RDR2, but I wouldn't call it a bad game.  Not every game is designed with you in mind.