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Pemalite said: 
Azzanation said:

You still didn't tell me why Australia banned and heavily censored games even after removing the guns? That's my entire point with this topic. Once a country gives in a little, they only keep getting things taken away until you end up with nothing.

Australia has actually started to relax it's video game censorship rules, even overhauling the rating system.

But the reason for the censorship is because the excessive violence, drugs, sex and so on wasn't deemed fit for children under a certain age, those same censorship rules exist in Europe, even in the United States. Aka. ESRB ratings... So Australia isn't unique in this aspect.

^Maybe it was the banning and censoring video games that reduced gun massacres world wide. What makes you think guns is the sole reason? Because deep down we don't want to blame something we enjoy, but happy to blame things we don't enjoy right? So lets blame guns and forget the gun lovers out there.. (Note I don't think Guns or Video games is the reason for Gun massacres)

Azzanation said:

We are down to a sad point in Australia where a Car Steering wheel lock is considered a weapon and should not be allowed visible without being asked the question on why you have one in your car. < Is that what we want?

It's a large blunt object. You do the math.

^And this is the world you want to live in? where the government can fine you for buying a Club lock at the local auto shops and having it displayed because it looks like a bat? So golf clubs, Baseball/Cricket bats heck tennis rackets should be banned because they are just as deadly than a club lock. Its sporting equipment, what next, they will ban cricket balls because how deadly one of them hits you in the head could potential kill or brain damage you? Guess we just have to wait for that to actually happen than watch the government act by placing new laws on it. The rules are never consistence and unfair by the majority. 1 bad egg and we all lose.

Azzanation said:

What you and many want to support is more monetization to people where everything becomes a fineable offence. You shouldn't be fined for having a low car, nor a car with tinted windows nor a loud exhausts nor the 1000s of speed cameras that are set up to trap innocent drivers. And before you argue that if you follow the law than you have nothing to worry about, well again that can be said with a country with guns. 

False. You don't get to choose what I want. I decide that.

You should be fined for having a car that is to low.
You should be fined for having excessively dark tinted windows.
You shouldn't be fined for having a loud exhaust.

Again, the evidence on what those safety implications are and why those laws exist has already been discussed with evidence presented... If you choose to ignore it, then that is on you...

I am by far not telling you what you can and cannot do.. in fact I couldn't care less if you went out tomorrow and brought yourself a rocket launcher. The problem here is that you want to tell people what they can and cant have. Its a double standard many are showing because they simply have no interests in guns, but video games wow look out, how dare they.

Azzanation said:

Also Australia banned a lot of other things and you couldn't walk the streets with a box cutter in your pocket without being stripped searched and fined for carrying what is considered a weapon. 

Absolutely fake news.
You can walk the streets with a box cutter in your pocket without being fined or having it considered a weapon. - Perhaps you don't actually understand the law at all?
Shit, I carry a multi-tool/pocket knife on me at all times, never had an issue with the police, I actually need it for my line of work.

The law states you are not allowed to carry such devices, concealed, without an appropriate reason, if you need it for work or so on, then it is perfectly fine, you just need evidence. - This was a very specific law to target a very specific problem that was rife. - Know what that was?

Yeah I know, if you have a good enough reason to debate with the cops, lets hope you don't leave your box cutter in your other pants by mistake and than cop that $1000aus fine for carrying a weapon. The point with this is you cannot even carry around pocket knives like the Swisse Army Knife which are handy for camping etc. Also a great survival knife. Heck the guy who had to cut off his own arm for being stuck in a mountain would have been fined for making a deadly weapon with the way the rules are set here.  

The thing is, you cannot stop the killings without changing the culture. Australia's culture changed when we removed guns and also banned games and also banned anything that looks like a weapon or acts like a weapon. The USA is a completely different ball game. They also believe in self defence, something Australia doesn't support very well. You remove guns, you remove public power and freedom. There belief is everyone should be able to protect themselves. Something you get caught here can result in you getting sued unless you let them stab or shoot you first.

In my opinion, if Americans want to have easy access to guns than so be it, it doesn't bother me, however take those guns away, trust me, it wont be the only thing they take away after guns. It will be an avalanche of things no longer will be legal because the government has gain too much power over the public.