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Mr Puggsly said:
Xxain said:

Im more talking about the last big game Suzuki helmed being Virtua Fighter 4... waaay back in 2000; almost 20 years ago. Does he have what it takes to make modern games?

Oh, Shenmue 3 is gonna be his biggest game ever. The new trailer was actually much more impressive than I expected.

I'm very confident he could handle a new Virtua Fighter. The gameplay of VF5 still holds up really well as, simply building on that would be a good start. If anything the series just needs more personality like Tekken. The gameplay of Tekken has changed much but the story stuff, endings and other unlockables had me hooked on Tekken 7.

Yeah.  The problem with virtua fighter, from what I hear, is story and presentation.  Tekken 7 itself, doesn't play like older tekken games, though.  You go back to tekken 5 and you have no combo extenders and grab breaks are more specific and you have no invincibility on forward rolls, no rage, no rage art, or rage drives.

But, I've been waiting for a new virtua fighter game for so long.  We have new MK, street fighter, tekken, guilty gear, etc, since VF5:FS... but no virtua fighter...