DonFerrari said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Nah, the Slim is just a more efficient PS4. There's a legitimate argument to be made that the Switch Lite isn't a price cut because it is a new model that offers a very different experience. Whereas a PS4 Slim offers the same exact experience as a regular PS4. The Switch Lite doesn't. Although again, I still would consider Switch Lite a price cut, didn't say I wouldn't just that I could see how some don't. Even so, the Playstation 4 got it's 2nd price cut only 107 days after the Switch will receive it's first. 

Understood but you were being a little anal about the point.PS4 have been going without a pricecut (same price Switch have know) for longer than Switch at the same time.

And some Nintendo games get discounts.

You even understood the point of the person that basically PS systems retain selling for longer and in the case of PS4 not depending heavily in pricecuts which is equivalente to Nintendo games.

Even better is that no one ever sold more consoles than Sony (and look at average) while couple companies have higher average than Nintendo (rockstar perhaps?) but we don't need to go this way on a simple light hearted comparison

Yeah, after it already had two price cuts, lol. 

Like, if Switch never had a price cut after 2019, I wouldn't go back and say it didn't have a price cut longer than Playstations 4. Luckily, Switch already has achieved that, so I wouldn't need to say that. 

You're actually trying to argue harder than I am now, we wrapped up the conversation I think. Also, I stated already that Playstation consoles sell more on average, and that Playstation 4's sales are more impressive than Switch, so I'm not sure why you're hammering it in. You're right that I was being anal but as a comparison, it's really oddly specific and cuts out the context of Playstations first few years.