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DonFerrari said:

If you want to go this route of putting Lite as not counting a pricecut them PS4 only got a paultry pricecut (and is still at the same price of Switch, being older and more saturated, still not lagging much behind) since the second one came with the PS4Slim. Or you could count PS4 as the first console to sell so much while increasing price on PS4Pro or that would show that it didn't had a pricecut, just a model replacement (like 3DSi).

Nah, the Slim is just a more efficient PS4. There's a legitimate argument to be made that the Switch Lite isn't a price cut because it is a new model that offers a very different experience. Whereas a PS4 Slim offers the same exact experience as a regular PS4. The Switch Lite doesn't. Although again, I still would consider Switch Lite a price cut, didn't say I wouldn't just that I could see how some don't. Even so, the Playstation 4 got it's 2nd price cut only 107 days after the Switch will receive it's first. 

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