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d21lewis said:
I will say this though. I don't know how many XBO controllers I've owned but those things. Woo! Two of them that came with the consoles had "drift" right out of the box! Another two that I purchased later on started drifting later on. I also purchased an exclusive Grey Battlefield Xbox One from Amazon. It was great but then one day the controller disconnected. It hasn't been right since. It'll just disconnect at random. It's basically a wired controller now.


Personally, I've never had much of an issue with the consoles themselves. Even my launch 360 lasted like 5 or 6 years before it red ringed on me, at which point I didn't really care cus I'd been waiting for an excuse to get a new model anyway. The controllers though…..I went through a 2 year period during the 360 days where I went through a controller probably every 4 months or so. Stick drift every time. Had all kinds of issues with the One controller as well. Bumpers breaking, rubber grip coming off the back, stick drift, buttons sticking. Think I've gone through 5 or 6 controllers so far there.