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Vodacixi said:

Maybe it's because I'm very hyped for this game. But everything I see and hear about it is like... almost always so good.

- It's probably the only AAA port for the Switch where the visual downgrade is not even that big of a deal. Yes, PS4 and PC look better. But after playing the Switch version I can say it looks beautiful there too. Even in handheld mode, the game is leagues above a first party open world game like Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While a not on the same level, it's more in the line of Breath of the Wild on portable. Also, it runs at a very stable 30fps (there are some videos on youtube that show some framerate tests and it's almost locked 30fps).

- It has a ton of very juicy exclusive content that the other versions don't have. Orchestrated music, 2D Mode (which is basically a new game altogether), new mountable monsters, speed up battles, new story quests... you name it. Normally it's the opposite: PS4/One/PC have things that are omitted on Switch. Here you're basically getting the definitive version on Switch by a long shot.

- Square Enix just released a demo that if Gamexplain is right... can be about 10 hours long. So basically they are allowing us to play the first part of the game for free. That's absolutely nuts.

I don't know... as a Switch owner and future buyer of DQXIS... I feel so spoiled. Is like they are giving us so much. I can't think of any other third party multiplatform game with so much good going on.

What do you think?

@ the bolded part, this, I was quite impressed as to how DQXI was able to keep a clean look compared to XC2 since that game was 1st party, granted I played only the first area of the demo, maybe there lot's more going on in XC2? I don't know, but I gotta say, DQXI is really looking good in handheld mode, haven't tried TV mode yet.


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