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0D0 said:
Azuren said:

If it does, it'll be mid- to late-2022. Maybe as far forward as 2023.

But that's if it does. Right now it's comparatively selling well because its only competition are stale platforms that launched 6 years ago. The release of PS5/Xbox Scarlett will shift the bottom line of the gaming market, and it remains to be seen if the Switch has the technical prowess to maintain relevant on a performance basis.

By the time the next generation of home consoles hit, the tables will have turned and Switch will be the stale platform competing against the new hotness... Except the new hotness in this case won't simply be peak last-gen performance in handheld mode, it will be next-gen performance. Maybe the handheld aspect continues in the Switch's favor... But maybe the new paradigm in console power overrides that.

Yes, and Switch is peaking early.

There's no signs or even reasons for it. I mean, the Switch is selling like hotcakes in it's third year without having had a single pricecut yet. What's more, Nintendo themselves stated that they will support the platform for longer than the usual 5-6 years, so software support shouldn't break away anytime soon, either.

In fact, I expect that Nintendo will bring a more powerful Switch version somewhere down the line (2020 or 2021, probably the latter) to replace the current new version with more bang for $300 (somewhere closer to XBO in terms of power), which will extend it's lifespan even longer than the 3DS's was.