Cerebralbore101 said:

This video is pretty crazy. I like how the games are deemed "violent". Parents back then were worried about Nintendo turning their kids into Zombies, but those same parents sat down every night to watch hours of braindead sitcoms. I also like how parents are all worried about kids not doing their homework. They already went to school for 40 hours a week. You want them to do two more hours worth of paperwork after they get home? Get real! 90% of what is/was taught in class is just the same junk that they learned last year, with a little bit extra thrown in. Any kid with a slightly above average intelligence is bored to tears with school, because the schools teach at a snail's pace. The 40 hour workweek was instituted for a reason. Teaching kids that they need to work past 40 hours a week is toxic. 

The video looks normal to me, but then again I lived through it.  Gaming has definitely changed a lot, and the mentality was pretty different in the 80's.

For example, people in the mid 80's thought console gaming was a fad.  Atari came and was gone a few years later.  The arcades were still around, but there wasn't the same arcade craze that the late 70's and early 80's had.  Computer enthusiasts thought the future of gaming was on computers only.  Then Nintendo came on the scene and took the world by storm.  The NES craze was a lot like the Wii craze except it lasted longer and had no real competition.

I found this quote from the video interesting.  "Is the shortage real or are they holding back supplies to increase the mystique?"  Lol, people still say this only they use the term "artificial demand".  The reality is that it isn't unusual for Nintendo to release some product that quickly sells out.  Nintendo is more of a "swing for the fences company".  Either they hit a homerun or they strike out.  Rarely are they somewhere in between.  Somehow gaming forums have developed the narrative that Nintendo usually strikes out, but in reality they hit a home run about as often as they strike out.