"I mean... why not read the article in the OP? It literally addresses both points you raise. Windows is a Microsoft platform. And they intend to honor the releases already in the works when they bought these studios, but don't plan on releasing future games on other consoles.

Put forth at least a little effort before jumping to a predetermined conclusion." - LudicrousSpeed

To be fair, at that point because the OP didnt put any content in his oringal post, expect a link, all I had read at that point was just the Title of the thread, and it was a reactionary message.

The details that its only future content, after these things come out, and only with the expection of other consoles ect.

You see how messy that messageing from MS is?
If what you say changes on a weekly basis, and you need to read the fineprint, and Thread titles are misleading, and possbily article names too....

Yeah its bad communication.
Good messageing is short, precise, doesnt require reading fine print, and doesnt sway left and right, week by week.