JRPGfan said:
jason1637 said:
Makes sense. With next gen on the horizon they probably want to keep their games on Xbox/PC for now.

Alright you two.... be honest... how long until the next Steam/Switch/PS4 announcement from a Microsoft Studio?

Maybe, probably, not right now, no current plans...

How long does this PR quote last? until its proven wrong?

Steam is different, the PR is specifically about other consoles. But I don't think it'll be that long. It's not just games that were already in development for other consoles that Microsoft are releasing, Ori is proof of that.

Minecraft Dungeons is another game, this game wasn't announced for ps4/switch/xbo before Microsoft acquired Mojang, it wasn't even announced for ANY consoles in the initial announcement, only PC. Yet they are bringing the game to PS4/Switch/XBO too now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=83&v=HJicIi8Lvx0

They are releasing games on other consoles, and not just titles that were already in development before their studios were acquired. I don't expect this to stop. Though I expect Switch will receive a lot more from them than PlayStation does.

As long as Ori does well on Switch you can guarantee the sequel will also come to Switch eventually.