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CaptainExplosion said:

Depends on if it's for something that I might like. If it's for, say, video games, I prefer seeing gameplay first.

This relates to why I don't normally download mobile games, because the commercials and trailers tend to show extravagant acting and set pieces, but only a couple seconds of gameplay at the end, and said gameplay tends to look lackluster or worse.

My brother and I felt we just had to have Banjo-Kazooie back in 1998 when we saw the commercial:

I remember that ad, it was used in the UK too. It didn't get me to buy the game but I think a different ad did, one that was packaged inside many early N64 games (possibly even late SNES games). It was a mini poster type thing and often had a specific game on one side and then a bunch more on the back. I was already a fan of Rareware due to DKC so seeing a new game being advertised was all I needed to know I wanted it, I could tell it was a Mario 64 style platformer just from screenshots and was sold.