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Ganoncrotch said:

I will keep them in mind when I click submit and grin to myself like an idiot about my daft comments like the one in the "Ads" thread. I couldn't help that I read the title of it initially with an i in the middle and made my comment based on that "mistake"

Ah I was wondering about that odd post you made there.

dx11332sega said:
When my uncle found out she was pregnant he sent her back to honduras , It's so weird that my mom is the one sending that kid gifts ? but, my mom and her communicate in video chat through phone , The kid knows what my mom looks like though video calls . I don't think that kid ever saw his father ever :( sad that he met my mom before him.

I'd say that's a good thing, your uncle sounds like he stopped maturing at age 14, he'd only be a detriment to that kid's life.