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Without a doubt, it probably happens quite a lot. I can't think of examples but I bet I've walked into a shop and seen a poster advertising an offer and bought it, same with leaflets through the door. I bet I've seen an ad that made me aware of exactly what I was looking for and bought that too, either a product or service, I'd have looked into it a bit but the ad would be the primary thing that made me buy it. Sorry I can't think of examples.....oh wait, Smash. In the UK there is a cheap instant mashed potato product that used to advertise with weird robot puppets, one day I was looking for something to eat and just saw the packet and thought "mashed potato can't be too bad" so I bought it. Wasn't awful but I've rarely bothered since. Pot Noodles might have been the same thing. There must be many other food or general hygiene products that I saw advertised and then decided to buy at some point. Back in the mid 2000s I saw an ad about ordering pizza online and decided to give it a go, so an ad got me to buy something through a different means to usual.

There were tv ads for toys that made me ask my parents for stufff, mostly I won't have bought anything myself, but I do think that ads probably got me to buy stuff like Monster in My Pocket and Mini Boglin toys since that type of thing was cheap enough to afford as a kid.

Demo discs are basically ads and I bought a few Sega Saturn games back in the 90s due to seeing them on the "Bootleg Sampler" disc. Panzer Dragoon, The Mansion of Hidden Souls, Wing Arms are three that come to mind from just seeing a short video on that disc. I'm sure a trailer has sold me on the occasional game or movie, not often since I typically hate trailers but there must have been exceptions over the years.