I would actually use the money from PS+ to improve PSN and the PS5 OS for the entire generation.

I would be much happier with PS+ if I got no free games, but PSN was more Reliable/Faster, and the PS4 OS had continued to get meaningful UI improvements the whole gen.

We have not seen any improvements to PSN for a years. Online support is being pulled from 1st Party PS4 Games. The PS4 is going on 3 years without any UI improvements or New Features in the OS.

I have no problem putting money towards people constantly working to improve the Network and the OS, but I have Zero interest being forced to pay $60 a year for 24 random games, I either don't want, or have already bought, just to be able to access online gameplay. If I have to pay for Online Gaming, then I expect that money to be spect on improving online gaming, and optimizing the OS to continually improve the Online Gaming Expereince.

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