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Barkley said:

Pax East (March 2019)

"Today, during Gearbox Software’s PAX East stage show, Gearbox Publishing Head Steve Gibson had a small tease in store for Homeworld fans.

While Gibson did not provide any specific announcement, he teased that the publisher is “building a future for the franchise” adding that they’re “really excited” to share that with the fans in the future."

Homeworld 2 was a pretty fantastic game, especially with the complex mod. Haven't played it recently though.

Woah thank you, I missed the PAX show and this might bring a tear to my eye if it comes to plan. 

Gearbox did a great job with the Remastered Collection and Deserts of Kharak is a great side story and solid game which deserves to be part of the Homeworld Canon. 

If this is true without any future issues or cancelations, than its great news. Gearbox has had a up and down history recently however they have shown good support with the IP lately with its past releases.

Thanks for the info update. Maybe Homeworld isn't dead after all.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 15 August 2019