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Ganoncrotch said:
Radek said:
Poor PS Vita with barely over 100 units sold in Japan lol.

Vita is discontinued though.... it's still 2:1 sales over the X1 there.

Sales dipping a bit on all fronts though I wonder if some of it is in anticipation of the revision systems on their way, I kinda feel bad for the old stock which was in warehouses or on shop shelves, like if you're a small mom and pop store and you've got 10 Switch systems in the back, you gotta be selling your customers a version of the system which you know to offer half the battery life at the exact same price but otherwise what would happen to those old versions of the Switch? Can't really just bin them but who would want to buy an old version for the same price when you could get the new motherboard and battery life.

I guess maybe hackers for homebrew since Gen1 Switch is really easy to hack might want one, but.... seems weird to me that two fairly different versions of a console exist on shelves depending on when is the last time that company got stock from Nintendo rather than a warehouse of their own filled with old stuff.

From my experiences, they will be discounted at the retail level at some point. Like let’s say Gamestop holding a back to school sale and the original Switch is slightly discounted or bundled with a used game, etc.

If Nintendo doesn’t recall them back, that’s what we should expect.