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Hillary Rawdog Cliton
Dong-Old Dump
Pol Hot
Kim Jong Poon
Milflania Hump
Vladimir Poontang
Sarah Suck a D. Sanders

Wait... Presidential hopefuls, WE HAVE A GOLDMINE!

Jizzabeth Whoren
Horny Handers
Kristen Jillin' hand
Whory Hooker
Michael Bendit
Steve Bullcock
Julian Mastro
Bill De Blast-the-O
FullofSeed Scabbard
Kumala Harrysnatch
John De-lay-me
John LickenPooper
Play InMe
Lay-Me Kuminshart
Rim Tryin'
Hoe Ridin'
MarriedAnne Milfington
Andrew Bang
Pedo O'Rourke
Pete Buttigieg

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