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Pemalite said:
mysteryman said:

Any “evidence” you could submit is simply put there by God to test our faith. 

Theres a reason this argument hasn’t been “won” yet. If Bill Nye can’t do it, then I have little faith in the rest of us.

Well no. Because "God" itself is a claim and needs to be tested via the scientific method for it to hold any real legitimacy.

The other components that support then religious indoctrinated "faith" need to be judged on their own individual merits outside of that claim.

The argument has certainly been won, it's the apologetic's who delve into fallacious logic that are trying to keep it going or claim everyone else is incorrect.

By it's very unknowable nature, the existence of God cannot be proven. Legitimacy is based on the requirement of faith.

The argument can never be won, because neither side will be deterred from their original stance. Each dismisses the other viewpoint because "they simply don't understand" and the chasm between is too great to bridge.