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Pyro as Bill said:

The natural state of the world was one man having 10+ fuck buddies until religion came along and spoiled it with the monogamy bullshit.

Now that we're free from religion and recent societal norms will we just go back to a more natural state but in HD?

Not really. The average number of sexual partners per person has been in decline for decades:

And the Junior Millennial generation is projected to have even less:

The rate of virginity has skyrocketed among Millennials:

Paganism is a form of religion that involves idol worship, sacrifice, and rituals in hopes that things happen: like doing some weird dance for rain, stabbing your daughter to make the winds come so you can sail your fleet to Troy, etc...

Also, it is not religion. If you want to blame sexual morality on anyone, blame this guy:

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.