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Sure? I guess. I'm always championing new ips. Although i'm not sure why Next Level Games needs to be singled out specifically. As long as some new Nintendo IPs get created, I'm happy. Really I'd prefer something new from their first party studios though, because a lot of their first party new IP that are created by third parties end up as really niche (Astral Chain, The Wonderful 101, CODENAME STEAM, etc). Not that niche things are bad, but i'm curious what a big new Nintendo IP would be after Splatoon. Hopefully it would end up as a good game, unlike Splatoon/Arms. 

Also not sure why Next Level Games would make a new IP that sounds so similar to Luigi's Mansion. A "horror" game, that's also whimsical? Meh. Leave that to Luigi's Mansion. Even if they can do something different with it, that's still one studio making two similar types of games. Let them flex their creativity in a different genre.