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Nintendo: SNES (Runner up Wii)

Best third party lineup of any of their systems plus an absolutely killer first party catalogue including all time classics like Yoshi's Island and the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, launched great IPs like F-Zero and Starfox, best pre-analogue controller, visuals and audio have aged like fine wine.

Sony: PS1 (Runner Up PS3)

Of all Sony's consoles it stills feels the most fresh, experimental, and interesting. Games like the original Spyro and Crash trilogies oozed charm. The 5th gen in general was such an exciting time, in which it felt like gaming was advancing in gargantuan leaps and bounds, and the PS1 was a big part of that.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 (Runner up OG Xbox)

Massive library of high quality games, superior version of most multiplats of that generation, best conventional controller to date, graphics were mind-blowing at the time and in many cases hold up very well even today.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 11 August 2019

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