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I would think given how this generation has gone the key thing for Scarlett isn't just appealing to X1 owners much like the Switch wasn't aimed at the WiiU player base in the same way the WiiU was directly aimed at the Wii players.

They're taking a long time to create this system though and I would hope that their key aims are in line with that of what Nintendo done with the Switch, make sure it has a plan of action for games, draw up a roadmap of major releases from their own studios to fall each couple of months and most certainly don't allow projects go the way of Crackdown 3 torn between trying to make use of cloud power and actually just making a good game to the point where the final release was effectively 2 separate middle of the road titles.

If the focus goes back to games like it was on the X360 and OG Xbox then I'm all in for it, one thing they could do to dominate the generation early on would be do something for early adopters to the platform... say the first 2 years of Xbox live gold would be free... I mean that during the systems first 2 years, online would be free, that way even if gamers were paying a high cost for the system it would somewhat hide a portion of the cost as it was effectively offering 120e of value in buying the system day 1, also it would give returning players to the xbox brand a starting collection of games and after 2 years of everyone having access to the games with gold then a great many might roll over to paid subs to keep access to their library of titles... just some thinking out loud of what they'll do to win people back, I'm going to be honest here, Gears, Forza and Halo alone won't do it imo.

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