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Might be an idea. But it bears some questions:

1. How much money would be needed to start the tracker?
2. How much money would be needed to keep the tracker alive and the numbers coming?
3. What incentives can you give to potential backers to fund the tracker?
4. Only US? What about other regions? Maybe at a later date?

Mar1217 said:
I guess if we could have the aid of crowdfounded platforms such as GoFundme and such (Is Kickstarter a viable choice in a case like that ?)

As a Kickstarter Superbacker, I can say that Kickstarter is viable as long as you have the right incentives for your backers and don't place the bar too high since it's an all-or-nothing system. But I'm not sure if x months of Supporter badges for a discounted price will be enough of an incentive for that. Might need some more merch (Tees, Stickers, Buttons, whatever...) to make it viable for Kickstarter.

But in any case, this would need continual funding. So instead of Kickstarter (or after a Kickstarter/Indigogo/GoFundMe/similar site) campaign to start the tracker, I'd suggest more something like Patreon to get a guaranteed monthly money flow.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 09 August 2019